Asshole Of The Week


Now that you know what the Asshole of the week is about, it’s time that we jumped right into it. The winner of this week’s Asshole of the Week is none other than District 7 NYC Council Candidate Mark Levine.

I have several reasons for believing that Mark Levine is an Asshole. I could reference his lack of general knowledge on the actual district (District 7), his “Interesting” campaign donors (We’ll get to that later) or even the fact that he used his fathers death to ask for contributions.  But all of that is old news,it pales in comparison to some of the dirty tricks he has attempted in order to win the City Council Seat he once thought was in the bag ( It’s not looking too good for him or his puppet masters). As many of you should know, in order to get on the ballot for a City Council Election, a candidate must collect a total of 450 signatures from people who live in the district that they are running for. There are a couple of simple rules that must be followed while collecting these signatures:

  1. People signing the petition must live in the actual district
  2. They must be registered voters
  3. Not only must they be registered, they must also be registered to the party that you are running for. (If you’re running on the democrat ticket, you must get registered democrat voters)
  4. You can not forge signatures (That’s called Fraud)
  5. Duplicate Signatures do not count
  6. And in case you didn’t hear earlier, you can not forge signatures…. Because you know, that’s like illegal and stuff (See 4)

Most of the candidates running for the position followed the rules, but not our boy Mark. He was able to meet the 450 signature requirement, but there was something a little off about his petitions. I call them problems A. and Problem B.

Problem A.

Remember when we talked about it being wrong to copy signatures onto a petition? Yeah, well Mark’s campaign did that. But let’s be honest, it’s a petition cycle, you might get the same person to sign different petitions, it could have been an accident right? Wrong. He didn’t just have one or two names repeated on a few forms. He literally had entire pages of forms copied name for name. There were over 25 duplicate pages that’s over 300 signatures on his petition that were false. Once could be a mistake, two or three times could have even been an accident. But once you start talking about duplicates at this volume, you’re either looking at a gross level of negligence, or someone who’s riding the cool waves of corruption.

Images from Mark Levine Campaign petitions

Images from Mark Levine Campaign petitions

Problem B.

It’s not a good idea to forge signatures onto petitions, not only is it not a good idea, its also blatantly against the rules. That didn’t stop the Levine campaign from doing it. Which means that he or someone from his campaign put the name and signature of someone on a petition without their permission. This happened well over 100 times! So in a race that requires 450 petition signatures to earn a spot on the election day ballot, Mark had at least 30 duplicate pages, and God knows how many forged signatures.

Why You Should be upset:

It should be troubling that someone running for office can’t even run an honest petition campaign. I wonder what he’ll do if he’s elected? If you’re still confused as why to be upset, look at things this way. If an employee was caught forging signatures, they would be fired. In a campaign where you only needed 450 signatures, Levine was so desperate to have his name on the ballot, that he and his team resorted to cheating. It makes you wonder, if he’s the right man for the job, why did he have to lie on the easiest part of the process. I guess we shouldn’t expect much from someone who would use his father’s death to raise funds


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